Learning at Limmud

This blog was contributed by UK Friends’ trustee Debbie Young-Somers

This August just gone (well a bit longer gone) the UK Friends were excited to be able to help sponsor the participation of a Muslim Jewish story telling duo at Limmud in the Woods –  an annual Jewish popup learning experience combined with camping and creativity.

Jumana Moon and Adelle Moss offered story telling from both traditions, exploring the stories of Sarah and Hagar, telling bed time stories under canvas and warming the crowds around the campfire. They represented the Abrahamic values of welcome and interfaith co-operation, and drew their listeners in with magical instruments and participation- the open tent of Abraham and Sarah would have loved to offer such warmth and togetherness. After a difficult summer in the region and continuing tensions across the lands of the Path itself, this was a welcome message of hope and cooperation.

UKFAP hopes to reach out to many models of community and with the help of our new intern – Mia Tamarin – intend this to be just the start of a busy year!


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