A journey to the Sinai


In less than a week,  three UK Friends will be heading, via Cairo and Sharm el Sheikh, to St Catherine’s and the Sinai Trail, Egypt’s first long-distance walking trail  .

This is more than just a walk: the Friends are investigating how best to deliver support to Beduin families along the trail.  The Beduin tribes – along with their nomadic culture – have suffered badly since tourism collapsed in the Egyptian peninsula  in 2015 and, with it much of the Beduin’s income-earning potential as guides in the Sinai.

New enterprises such as the Sinai Trail are a way to recover but they need support to make them happen.  A fundraising drive this year among Muslim organisations and individuals in the UK has raised the money to provide some needed food aid and help build a well, organised by the Makhad Trust.

This is an exploratory journey. If the initiative is successful, expect to see more and find out how to get involved. Meanwhile, follow our news and, we expect,  see stunning photos as we visit this startlingly beautiful region of the Middle East.

Below is a selection of photos from a  journey on the Sinai Trail made in 2016 by Louise, one of the UK Friends, who will be in the group for this visit.