About Us

The UK Friends of Abraham’s Path is a charity, formed in 2011, to help inspire British travellers and walkers to experience the legendary journey of Abraham/Ibrahim in the Middle East and all that it means both in the Middle East and in the UK.

We do this by:

  • Generating interest  through educational and cultural activities
  • Facilitating UK travellers wanting to walk in the Middle East
  • Developing practical skills in promoting understanding between diverse groups
  • Raising funds to support our work and the development of the path

Whoever travels on Abraham’s Path brings meaning and purpose to their journey, whether on a personal pilgrimage to explore the story of Abraham or a trip to experience the landscape and village life of the Middle East. The UK Friends supports the meeting and connection of people of all cultures and faiths through walking, giving and receiving hospitality and sharing stories.

We WALK to open our eyes

We TALK to open our minds

We GIVE and RECEIVE to open our hearts.

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