With a gift to the UK Friends of Abraham’s Path, you will join a community of conscious and committed people all of whom are, in their own way, path-builders.

Visit our online giving site for easy donating, which includes an opportunity to increase the value of your donation  by 25% through Gift Aid, if you are a UK tax payer, at no cost to you.

All donations to the UK Friends are used to support:

  • Path building or local partner projects in the Middle East
  • Communications and information sharing among UK Friends
  • Setting up a bursary fund for visits to the trails network in the Middle East

We are currently fundraising for the development of the Zagros Mountain Trail in Kurdistan Iraq. This is an exciting path building project which, when completed, will create a new 175 km hiking trail across the Zagros mountains.  To learn more and donate to help make this happen, visit our campaign page.

You can also send your donation by cheque to: UK Friends of Abraham’s Path, 5 North Road, London N6 4BD. Or get in touch for electronic funds transfer details.

The charity is entirely volunteer led and there is no charge for our services, so the generosity of people like you ensures the path continues to grow step by step. We appreciate that Gift Aid (a benefit that allows us to claim from HMRC a 25% top-up to your donation, if you are a tax-paying UK citizen) is a matter of your choice, but it makes a big difference, so if you agree to enable Gift Aid on your donation, an extra thank you!

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