Who we are

The UK Friends is a group of people who are engaged in supporting the development of trails that follow the legendary journey of Abraham/Ibrahim in the Middle East. Our function is primarily educational and all of our work is done by volunteers.

Our aim is to grow a community of people who actively support walking or slow travel in the Middle East and who share their experiences to shine a light on the region’s deep traditions of hospitality and story sharing as a means of building connections . Through our website and Facebook page we invite people to join our group, to learn about our network and to participate.

As a UK-registered charitable company,  we are run by a small Board of Trustee Directors:

  • Anam Hoque
  • Louise Sibley
  • Mia Tamarin

We also have a group of connected individuals whose role is to act as a consultative body for areas of specialism or expertise we believe necessary for us to fulfill our role.

The UK Friends is represented on the Advisory Board of the Abraham Path Initiative, the US-based organisation which has contributed so much to the development of the trails and continues to support local partners and in developing and extending the path.

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