2014 Annual Report – Public Benefit Statement

The following Statement of Public Benefit is an extract from the 2014 Annual Report and Accounts of the UK Friends of Abraham’s Path.

Click Here to read the Review of the Year or  2014 Annual Report & Accounts to download the full document.


UK Friends of Abraham’s Path provides information and educational materials to the public about routes of walking and pilgrimage in the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean where the story of Abraham can be followed and about the contemporary significance of the Abrahamic story and in this way complies with its duty as set out in section 4 of the 2006 Charities Act. In 2014, we did this through:

  • leading a UK Friends journey with community service in the north of Jordan (May)
  • leading a walking tour in East London of places of Abrahamic significance (April)
  • supporting a second volunteering and walking tour in Israel and Palestine for university students from Leeds Beckett University (June)
  • providing sponsorship and information to participants of the Limmud Festival (August)
  • organising a talk and celebration of the Path and of Middle Eastern culture in Leeds to help students and others engage with some of the challenges of developing a trail and of walking in the Middle East and to reach new potential supporters and walkers
  • developing a new public website to disseminate information about the Path and offer opportunities for people in the UK to talk to walkers
  • helping to develop and disseminate a survey of people who have walked the Path to gather information about their experiences and what is important to walkers
  • continuing to distribute information via social media
  • research into potential funding sources for our work and for the development of the Path

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