the 1000 mile walk begins

Leon McCarron and Dave Cornthwaite, two British adventurers who have set off to walk 1000 miles of the Abraham Path are now well on their way.  Here is the first blog from Leon.


Hi folks,

I’m writing to you from the Nablus region of Palestine, just one week into a 3 month, 1000 mile walking journey in the heart of the Middle East.

 There is a website for the journey here, and my first blog post about getting started here. For the latest news in bitesize chunks, be sure to also follow on:

So far, Palestine has been everything I’d hoped for: beautiful, hospitable and full of surprises. The walking has been tough at times – some huge ascents in the wadis of the Jericho region – but always worth it. There’s an incredible amount of stories here; each little village we pass through seems steeped in historical significance. In short – so far, so good!

You can read my thoughts on the politics of the region here. If gear is more your thing, then here’s a rundown on what we’re taking with us. If you’re involved with a school in any way, then the educational side of our project might be of interest. Check it out here!

I’ll send out another update just before Christmas with news on where I’ve got to. In the meantime, the picture above (and my Instagram feed) should give a good idea of where I am!

That’s it for now from Palestine – I’ll be in touch soon with more stories from my adventures on the masar!



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